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Balakendram Conducted by experienced teachers of Samskrita Bharati,
Samskrita script
Samskrita script study classes are also conducted every Sunday for Samskrita script
Entry to Samskrit /Devanagri lipi ,ii. Enrich vocabulary
Participle forms ,Basic building blocks of Prose / Poetry.
Construct and split Samaasa (Compound Words) ,Introduction to Alankaara-Saastra ( Rhetoric).


Samskrita Bharati Limited Singapore (hereinafter referred to SBS) is registered as a non-profit organization to promote, preserve and practice Samskritam (Sanskrit) language to all sections of the society in Singapore as well as neighboring countries. SBS facilitates study of Samskritam through classes, discussions and workshops. SBS works as extended arm of Samskrita Bharati India and provides its services for the study of Samskritam.

The various kinds of programs offered by Samskrita Bharati are as below:

The 4 levels are as below:

Level 1: Pravesha Beginner course with no prior knowledge of Samskritam required except for a basic understanding of the Samskrita Devanagari script.

Level 2: Parichaya Next level course after passing the Pravesha exams

Level 3: Shiksha Next level course after passing the Parichaya exams

Level 4: Kovida equivalent to Bachelors in Samskritam and can be taken after completing the Shiksha course.

2. Samskrita script classes are conducted for people who do not have knowledge of the Samskritam script which is written in Devanagari.

3. BAlakendram is run with a view to inculcate the understanding of Samskrita language at an early age for children.

4. Every 2nd Sunday of the month the students are encouraged to showcase their abilities through a programme called Shatavaktarah which is designed for fostering spoken and writing skills and making them proficient in Samskrita conversation through plays, songs, discussions, news and short talks on various other topics in Samskritam.

5. Periodic events such as Samskrita Shibirams and Samskrita advanced learning courses in training others are also held to enhance the Samskrita language skills.

6. SBS also encourages student participation in entertainment programs like Samskrita dramas that are held regularly. For more information on the courses please click here.

Why Samskrita Bharati ?

- Simplified courses
- Weekend classes
- Trained Facilitators

Free online tutorials available

Supporting books available for practice

Easy learning through simple examples

Recorded videos of available of expert teachers of the course

Additional support provided as necessary and feasible

Ability to continue study with any SB centers across the globe

Fees Structure


Conversation workshops

  • Attend Shatavaktara program as audience on 2nd Sunday for free

  • Attend Free Shibirams when available

Some important facts About SBS